How to decorate a nursery using bespoke plaster mouldings

Decorating a child’s nursery can be a very exciting and fulfilling task. From browsing through different theme styles to selecting the right furniture, creating an inviting space for your little one is something to be enjoyed. Our suggestions: a fresh lick of paint on the walls and some bespoke plasterwork that will allow you to transform the room and create an inspiring atmosphere, without costing a fortune.

Make unique colour choices

Photo by: Maranda Elysse

The first decision to be made is the nursery colour scheme. Whether you’re into traditional pinks and blues, in love with pastel shades, or more inclined towards gender-neutral décor, don’t be scared to try out some paint samples on the walls before taking the plunge. 

This is an important decision – you want a colour palette that you and your little one will enjoy, as you'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery. If you're stuck and looking for inspiration, have a look at Architectural Digest’s 55 Stylish Children’s Bedrooms and Nurseries featuring photographs from kids' bedrooms all around the world.

Another suggestion is to include a neutral or ‘nude’ shade in your colour scheme too. It will help tone the brighter colours together and it can also help create a calming environment. Grey is a very popular neutral choice at the moment, as it comes in several shades and goes with almost any colour.

Comfortable furniture for you and your little one

The second thing you should consider when decorating a nursery room is the furniture. A baby crib and diaper changing table are the obvious first choices, but consider also adding a book shelf, wardrobe and toys storage. Furthermore, a rocking chair for the new mom can make for a great statement piece and a relaxing spot to bond with the baby. If you’re able to get your hands on reclaimed cupboards, or even vintage lockers, just add a colourful lick of paint and they’ll look as good as new!

Adding that something extra

Although unusual, bespoke plasterwork is ideal for adding a unique touch to the nursery or kids’ playroom décor. Decorating the nursery ceiling or walls will enhance the style of the room, and will give your baby something to look at, ponder about and focus on.

Plaster Moulding Decorative Clouds Group

Whether you’re looking for simple patterns or more intricate accessories, there are hundreds of designs to choose from that can help you enhance the room. Popular choices include lightweight plaster clouds, which come in different sizes, can be painted and are easily and securely mounted to the wall. 

More added extras to make your nursery just perfect include height, alphabet and number charts. These wonderful wall decorations can add interest to the room and will intrigue even the littlest of learners. Moreover, as your little one grows, you can paint these together and have a precious keepsake of these memories to look back to.

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